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  • Antibody in Vitro Researcher Suzhou Bachelor degree or above 2023-05-01

    Description of Responsibilities:  

    1. Responsible for the cell activity analysis and immune function evaluation of antibody drugs, including the detection of antibody activity using reporter gene-containing cell lines or primary immune cells;  

    2. Flow cytometry (FACS), enzyme-plate reader (ELISA, chemiluminescence) and other instruments were used to detect the relevant indexes in the samples;  

    3. Responsible for the daily resuscitation, culture, passage and freezing of cell lines;  

    4. Responsible for writing relevant experimental records and research reports.  


    Job Requirements:  

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in cell biology, immunology or oncology, more than 2 years of in vitro cell related experiment experience;  

    2. Proficient in cell activity analysis tests, including but not limited to PBMC isolation and purification, T cell activation assay, cell killing, co-culture, ADCC, ADCP, reporter gene detection and other experiments;  

    3. Proficient in non-cellular activity analysis test, including but not limited to ELISA, SPR and other experiments;  

    4. Ability to review and summarize relevant literature;  

    5. Good team spirit, strong learning ability, serious and responsible for work.  


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© 2023 Tavotek Biotherapeutics All rights reserved.(267) 405-9426